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Swing AI provides an artificial intelligence platform for personalized golf analytics and two-way digital instruction between players and world-class teaching pros at internet scale.

Meet the Swing Index app. When you improve a player’s golf swing, golf becomes more enjoyable and they play more. We’re providing a completely new golf analytic and digital instruction experience to make that happen. Know and improve your Swing Index.
Join the Swing AI platform. Empowered by our artificial intelligence technology, each teaching professional can evaluate swings and create personalized multi-lesson roadmaps of digital instruction for thousands of players. Professionals grow their income and help increase the global golf market.
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  • The Swing Index app delivers personalized analytics on 21 elements of a player’s golf swing summarized in a metric called the Swing Index.
  • For each player, the app creates a personalized roadmap of two-way, interactive digital lessons to improve that player’s Swing Index score.
  • Each lesson addresses a swing fault detected in one of the golfer's 21 swing elements making each player’s roadmap of instruction unique to them.
  • Players’ Swing Index scores and roadmaps are generated by a world-class teaching professional certified as a Swing AI pro. Meet some of our professionals in the advisory board section below.
  • Digital lessons are personalized for each player to improve their Swing Index.
  • Lessons are two-way and interactive between player and pro, with players sending swings using their mobile phone and pros responding with scoring, voice and markup annotations, coaching and drills uniquely for them.

The SwingAI Advisory Board guides SwingAI on its data model, Swing elements and player improvement strategies.


Feedback and reviews we have received from the App Store.

This app was exactly what my golf game needed. Whenever I feel like my swing isn’t quite right I can send in a quick video and get instant feedback. It’s basically tons of mini-lessons, from real golf pros, when you need them, and at a fraction of the price. I would definitely recommend this app to every golfer.


Concise, personal advice on how to improve your golf swing from leading golf professional. Very helpful. I could have used this advice years ago. Better then any live golf lesson I've received, delivered in much less time.


Great app!! Thanks to this app I’ve confidently turned my bogey into an eagle. The personalized feedback from my golf pro really helped give me the confidence to get off the cart and onto the green. Would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their swing without spending a fortune!!!


What are you waiting for? Experience personalized analytics and interactive, two-way digital instruction from a world-class pro on your mobile phone. Know and improve your Swing Index.

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